Jorge “El Chino” Loria began to dive when he was only 10 years old. In 1995 he became a PADI instructor in California and since then he has certified more than 500 students ever since. As founder of PHANTOM DIVERS, he has a passion for teaching. His dream is to explore the underwater world and get as many people as he can to learn about, share, and enjoy the unique beauty of the Mexican Caribbean. Among his most important accomplishments is the founding of the NGO "Saving Our Sharks", an association created for the benefit and protection of sharks. Come to know him and he will certainly delight you with the stories of a man who has lived his life to the extreme.


Sofia is a fundamental part of Phantom Divers. She organizes all the logistics and the planning of our daily operation. Although she was originally a city girl, Sofia decided to live in Playa del Carmen when she was 13, after seeing the turquoise sea, typical of this region, for the first time. She is very outgoing and friendly. Her positive, joyful attitude is really contagious. Sofia has a beautiful daughter who you will happen to hear about sometime. Both of them fully enjoy the beach life in Playa del Carmen.



Born in Mexico City, she recently arrived from Xalapa, Capital of the State of Veracruz. Pedagogist by profession, she fell in love with scuba diving 10 years ago, got certified with us as an open Water Diver in 2015, and finally arrived in Playa del Carmen looking for closeness to the Caribbean waters and animals. She takes care of our reservations, social networks, and custumer service with the best dispositiion. She enjoys life swimming in the sea, traveling, dancing, and horsing around with kids. Do not be surprised if she is your dive buddy sometime. 


Born and raised in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Aby is a graduate in English Language Studies. In her own time she enjoys painting and drawing. She adores animals, outdoor activities, and discovering new experiences. At Phantom she is our marketing and social media manager. You will find her at the front desk with the best disposition to help out, always with a great smile. 



Julia is a creative designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. In recent years, she has taken care of the spaces of the boutique with her unique style and good taste. She moved to Playa del Carmen in 2002 looking for a change of lifestyle and thanks to her passion for diving she found Phantom Divers. Julia is very spontaneous and has a powerful feeling that life has to be lived to the fullest. Being outdoors, the beach and nature in general are her main hobbies. She is responsible for the distribution of diving gear and underwater cameras. If you're looking for new apnea or diving equipment, do not think twice and ask her! She won’t stop until she gets what you need.



Ramon is a person full of energy and enthusiastic for life. He dove for the first time when he was barely 12 years old. Such was his fascination with the creatures of the ocean, that since then he got obsessed with diving and became an instructor in 2002. Another of his passions is underwater photography. While working at Phantom Divers, Ramon has developed his skills and today is known as one of the most talented photographers in Playa del Carmen.  He speaks English, Spanish and Italian. He is passionate about his work, funny and very patient with people. SPECIALTIES: Wreck Dive, Night Dive, Deep Dive, Underwater Photography, Open Water Scuba Instructor.



Better known as "MANIS", he was born in Champotón, Campeche. He arrived in Playa del Carmen in 1990. He specialized in cave and cavern dive in 2003 and since then he has been our guide to this magical underwater world. Mario speaks Spanish and English. He has also a small hotel in Playa del Carmen’s downtown. His outgoing and friendly personality will captivate you and diving with him will certainly leave you speechless!


Texan by nature, the eldest son of Eli Martinez, owner of the renowned Shark Diver Magazine, came to PHANTOM DIVERS to work as a safety diver on our remarkable Bull Shark project. He perfected his shark diving technique in Bahamas, alongside his father, working as an underwater cameraman on the Outdoor Channel's Blue Water Savages program, where he studied the behavior of tiger and hammer sharks, among other species. Now, back at Phantom Divers, he has become an excellent instructor sharing and conveying his knowledge, love for the ocean, and passion for sharks.




A passionate animal lover, with a master's degree in ethology and a wide international experience, he ventures with avid interest in the marine life of the Riviera Maya. He has great knowledge in the reproduction and rehabilitation of marine mammals, as well as in behaviour modification using different teaching techniques. He took part in the creation of the first program in the world capable of demonstrating reptilian learning techniques, including the elimination of aggression and reintroduction to a new habitat without reflecting negative behaviour changes. He returned to Mexico with great enthusiasm to be part of the Phantom Divers family, collaborating in the Bull Shark investigation project and as a diving instructor. He is well known for his calm and patient temperament, always willing to help and share with others.


Born in Mexico City, he was part of the Mexican army in Sinaloa, toured Mexico and the United States in search of his passion. Twenty years ago he dove for the first time, his professional interest emerged 8 years ago in Cancún and Mahahual. He initiated as a recreational diver, and he worked also as an industrial diver for three years in Guatemala, Belize, Veracruz, Sweden and Holland. He became a divemaster and instructor in the Netherlands and from there he has traveled the Mexican coasts as a diving instructor with people from all over the world. However, the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean called him back to Playa del Carmen where he quickly joined Phantom Divers instructors team. He speaks Spanish, English and Dutch and is specialized on Nitrox, dry suit, deep and drift diving.



Our captain Geremias was born in Halacho, Yucatán, a small mayan village famous for the production of hats and baskets. He lived for 20 years in Cozumel and then decided to move to Playa del Carmen with his wife and five children. He is hardworking, very responsible and friendly. He has extensive experience in navigating and of course he loves the sea and fishing. He speaks fluent Spanish and Mayan.



Faustino is from the State of Oaxaca, and he reached Playa del Carmen six years ago driven by tourism and his desire for success. He is a very cheerful person and a keen dancer, but when it comes to work Faustino is extremely serious and responsible. He says he has much to contribute to Phantom Divers because of his love for what he does. In fact, he is very happy with his coworkers and proud to work in a socially responsible company. He is always willing to help our customers with their diving equipment and getting everything ready for the immersions. Do not be surprised if you find him dancing reggaeton after work!


Originally from Limones, Quintana Roo, he arrived in Playa del Carmen at the age of 11. When he turned 16 years old, he began to work as a tank filler and over time he was quickly promoted to  beach boy, sailor, until 5 years ago he finaly fulfilled his dream of becoming a captain. He greatly enjoys his work and his hobby is to spend even more time at sea. He is the father of two children and with him you can speak in Spanish and English.